Frette, Luxury Sparkling Swirl Duvet Cover


The charming golden tones of the Luxury Sparkling Swirl duvet cover add a special touch of luxury, and with elegant swirls bring charm and whimsy. Add a few of the Luxury Sparkling Swirl cushions to build a completely harmonious design. The Ultimate sheet set makes the perfect canvas to highlight this extraordinary quilt, while adding a decorative piece like the Luxury Luminescent Tweeds cushion will create a unique style. Silk blend. Made in Italy.

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Crafted with an engineered yarn-dyed mixed silk jacquard, the Luxury Sparkling Swirl duvet cover is a wonderfully luxurious addition to your bed. A beautiful swirl motif, inspired by intertwined ribbons, has been woven into the front side, while silky cotton sateen lines the backside.


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